we have a singular purpose...

to create the difference in how design is done and influence our clients to be the difference in how their projects are completed.

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Studio Collective Exchange

is an applied research and design agency based out of Portland, Oregon, working with companies around the world.

We help businesses in Architecture, Engineering, and Product Manufacturing including, but not limited to, automotive, apparel, footwear, and other product-focused industries. Our services are driven by our understanding of the challenges designers and high-performing teams face throughout innovation agendas and project lifecycles.

We are a process-driven agency that focuses on delivering customized solutions and services to our clients.

Innovation Consulting ︎
Sometimes, we like to make our lives difficult by finding new ways to do things. Somehow, it always works out in the end.

Animated Visualization ︎
Images are great, but have you tried showing your client an animation? We help people demonstrate the life inside the still imagery of their designs.

Advanced Design ︎
Occasionally, we like to conceive simple ideas to solve complex designs that would give anyone a headache. Headache free, too.

Continuing Education ︎
Working hard usually comes with late nights and a digital screen as the dinner guest. Learn (or augment) your skillset, and redefine your late nights.

Services aside, we also have our own internal design oriented R&D hub, aimed at discovering new, innovative ideas, testing out concepts, and building things.

We’re constantly seeking out new opportunities, and challenging ourselves to invent a little more. Whether its through built installations, digital products, tools, or even augmented realities, we find new opportunities everywhere.

We’re fluid creatives who dive deep into the design process, often stirring up our own projects through our internal hub.

Our Work ︎

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