Shannon C. McMullan
Managing Partner, Studio Collective Exchange


At work; Shannon has a multi-tasking mind and doesn’t believe in having one job. She is a trained modern dancer (a direct lineage of Isadora Duncan), real estate broker, event consultant, and hackathon specialist. She has worked with a variety of companies in different industries such as architecture, engineering, performing arts, nonprofit, and tech start-up. If you ask her what her favorite type of work is, it would be selling houses and planning hackathons. The only thing Shannon wants to do is help companies connect with their communities through very well-planned events and teach them how to enhance innovation with their employees.

At home; Shannon propagates plants, rock climbs, and drinks wine; not always, but sometimes at the same time.

Jonathan F. Cortes-Rodriguez
Managing Partner, Studio Collective Exchange

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At work; Jonathan can’t stop diversifying his skillset and is continuously learning new softwares, technologies, and ways of doing things. He is a computational designer with an arsenal of skills including 3D modeling, visualization, rendering, animation, and the only teacher you’ll ever need in advancing your skills. Jonathan received an education in architecture, but didn’t stay there, and has worked across industries such as sculpture, engineering, apparel and footwear, interior design, and general industrial design. If you ask him what his favorite type of work is, it would be creating animations and designing products in Houdini. The only thing Jonathan wants to do is help companies find ways to build things that were thought to be unbuildable.

At home; Jonathan mixes up a mean cocktail while practicing his Houdini skills and learning new languages (coding and speaking!).

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