We teach you things to make you better.
Maybe even better than us.

We understand how important it is to sharpen your skills and develop new ones to stay relevant within our ever-changing industries; we want to make it easier for you.

We work with mid-to-large size firms to create customized trainings for employees to augment their skills and obtain new ones. It is to the benefit of a company to offer advanced training to their employees which helps maintain employee retention, increase profit, and decrease stress.

Community is also important to us and we don’t believe in keeping our knowledge hidden. This is why we hold monthly virtual workshops for a low and accessible fee. We also post short training videos on our YouTube channel and have longer training videos available for purchase to learn on your own time.


  • Customized training for small-to-mid sized groups.
  • On-Demand training videos through our web platform.
  • Live training sessions for the general public for a low and accessible cost.
  • Technology, Software, and Workflow Training In:
    • Rhino 3D
    • Grasshopper
    • Python for Designers and Architects in Grasshopper
    • Houdini
    • VEX Scripting in Houdini
    • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for Designers and Architects

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