Innovation Consulting

Sometimes, we like to make our lives difficult by finding new ways to do things. Somehow, it always works out in the end.

We work with mid to large-size companies that struggle with igniting innovation within their organization. We help our clients cultivate a more innovative community amongst their employees and elevate their skillsets. To achieve these goals, we offer our clients various innovation-focused events, technology, software, and workflow training, and research and development consulting services.

  • Innovation-focused events such as Hackathons and Innovation Workshops
  • Consultation in developing an internal research and development program
  • Technology, Software, and Workflow Training:
    • Rhino 3D
    • Grasshopper
    • Python for Designers and Architects in Grasshopper
    • Houdini
    • VEX Scripting in Houdini
    • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for Designers and Architects

Advanced Design

Occasionally, we like to conceive simple ideas to solve complex designs that would give anyone a headache. Headache free, too.

Projects come with a variety of different challenges, some of which can become increasingly complex or are beyond the scope of a team's current abilities. Our specialized skill set in Advanced Design allows us to seamlessly be inserted into a project lifecycle to focus on solving specific pain points. This allows our clients to focus their attention on other crucial tasks while we develop and find solutions to their design challenges.

We help design teams improve project efficiency by implementing tailored design solutions that leverage advanced techniques such as, but not limited to, parametric and procedural design. Occasionally, project scenarios can require more deployable and adaptive solutions. These solutions are often presented in the form of custom toolkits that we develop for design teams, or individual users, to solve design challenges in a more flexible manner.

  • Project consultation in parametric, algorithmic, procedural, and computational modeling.
  • Custom case-specific project solutions to be more effective and efficient
  • Custom tool development in Grasshopper and Houdini

Animated Visualization

Images are great, but have you tried showing your client an animation? We like to help people demonstrate the moving life inside the still imagery of their designs.

We love working with our clients to bring their ideas and designs to life through thoughtful and creative animations that visually convey the design intent. These elements add value to RFP’s, project presentations, or marketing materials; they can better explain your design intent to your colleagues, clients, and collaborators.

  • Fly through or walk-through of project renders
  • Diagrammatic animations
  • Customized workshops on creating animations in Grasshopper and Houdini
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